Storm Preparation & Clean Up | Freeze Damage | Hurricane Season

Don't get left out in the storm, be prepared! Storms may cause limbs or entire trees to fall, often landing on homes, cars, other structures or other trees. Preparations can be taken to help your trees "weather" storms a lot better! In the event that you do have storm damaged trees, remember that they can be very dangerous to remove or trim, but prompt trimming of the injured limb(s) will encourage wound closure. Our arborists can assist in performing the job in a safe manner, while reducing further risk of damage to your property.

One of our customers put it best. "Thank goodness you got our trees done before Monday's Isaac weather hit us. What a difference clean, clear healthy trees make."
R.W., Sea Oaks, September 4, 2012

Hurricane Season

Our Atlantic hurricane season runs from June 1st through November 30th. We have been fortunate the last few years, but recommend everyone continue to take precautions!

This video by Dr. Doug Caldwell, Collier County Extension Agent illustrates problems that can show up if proper preparations are not made before a hurricane hits.

Freeze Damage

Although not common we do experience weather conditions harsh enough to cause freeze damage to our trees and shrubs. Protection or prevention of freeze damage is the most desirable way to combat this problem. Plants that are not cold hardy can be covered for protection when a freeze is predicted. We recommend using cloth such as sheets or burlap for this task. Do not use plastic as it can cause burning of the plants.

Delay any pruning of freeze damaged trees until spring arrives and the amount of damage can be assessed by a certified arborist.