Top 10 Don’t Do It Yourself Projects # 1: Tree Removal

Do it yourself tree removal ranks No. 1 on the DIY website’s list of projects not to do yourself.

“What could possible go wrong?” they ask, illustrating with this 'Don't try this at home!' video showing the results of an inept attempt with unfortunate results.

Video Captions

A homeowner attempting to pull down a large palm tree with his pickup truck. When the tree falls, it crushes the cab of the pickup truck.

According to

“Tree cutting by yourself can be a task if you’ve never done it before. Before looking at how to go about tree cutting by yourself with a chainsaw, let’s look at the safety equipment you will need.

  • Head Protection
  • Eye and Face Protection
  • Hearing Protection
  • Chainsaw Protective Chaps or Pants
  • Chainsaw Protective Footwear

OSHA requires that anyone who operates a chainsaw wears these items. Many people may think they don’t have to use them since they are on their own property; however it’s definitely a good idea.”

Comic tree branch cut breaks the window. "Well, now we know how we'll spend the $350 you saved by doing it yourself."

Pruning Techniques

"There are several general approaches to pruning, each for a specific purpose, including:

  • Cleaning – removing dead, diseased or weak branches from the crown of a tree
  • Thinning – removing branches to allow more light to penetrate, reducing stress on heavy limbs and encouraging retention of the tree’s natural shape
  • Raising – removing lower branches to provide clearings for buildings, vehicles, pedestrians and views
  • Reduction – cutting back tree limbs to reduce the size of the tree and make room for utility lines" also suggests calling in an expert:

"If you’re inexperienced using the tools needed for the job that must be done. Especially with power tools, such as chainsaws or others that harbor the chance for serious injury.

If the limbs you need to remove are especially heavy. It’s possible for the limb to fall improperly and hurt the person doing the work.

If the limbs that need removing are too high on the tree for you to reach. It takes some skill to climb a tree or use the extended tools required for such a job. Also, never use a ladder for these jobs."

"If you want specific pruning standards look into American National Standards Institute or ANSI, A300 standards. If you have a tree that you don't feel completely confident in handling consult with an ISA Certified Arborist.

Finally, the common citizen very rarely need a chainsaw, so keep yourself safe and limit your work to hand saws/shears. Average chainsaw injury: 110 stitches and medical cost was $ 5,600.00 in 1989, somewhat less than large tree removal costs."

A good rule of thumb is if you can't do the work standing on the ground hire an arborist.

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