General information on Tree Removal Permits in Florida

All counties and many cities and towns in the State of Florida have a tree protection ordinance in place. Depending on your location you will need a permit before removing one or more of your trees. Property owners are responsible for completing the tree removal permitting application process, which varies from county to county and city to city. You will need to check the process required for your specific location. Several links to tree removal permits and tree ordinances for the service areas covered by Jimmy’s Tree Service are provided here.

When do I need a Tree Removal Permit?

Criteria for tree removal are mandated by your local government and differ from city to county. Approval of a permit will depend on several variables including size or diameter of tree, species of tree and health of tree. Many permits require mitigation or replanting of trees. Failure to obtain the proper permit may result in a significant fine.

Mangrove Permits

Mangrove removal and trimming is strictly regulated by the State of Florida Department of Environmental Protection. Permits from the FL DEP must be obtained prior to the start of the work. For additional information on mangroves refer to our page mangrove trimming.