Tree Pest Alerts!

Worried about Whiteflies?

Reports of whitefly infestations in Indian River Counties & St. Lucie are increasing. Call Jimmy’s Tree Service at 569-4436 for identification confirmation if you suspect your property or trees are hosting these pests. Don’t panic! Whitefly infestations can be treated.

October 2012 Whitefly information update from Stephen H. Brown, Horticulture Agent, Lee County Extension, Fort Myers, FL.

Ambrosia Beetle / Laurel Wilt Pathogen

The spread of the Redbay Ambrosia Beetle / Laurel Wilt Pathogen to Indian River County in 2006 and Brevard County in 2007 carries a threat to the trees in the laurel family. Please call Jimmy's Tree Service at 569-4436 to confirm the presence of the Ambrosia Beetle/Laurel Wilt Pathogen on your trees.

Ambrosia Beetle Pest Alert